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landscapes from Hungary

landscapes from Hungary
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some of the landscapes I did under my road trip available here:


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street mugging

street mugging
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I’m back to Edinburgh and I just find out Norm runing a session back at the carpark. Great stufff! If you free and interested – don’t hesitate to join us. It’s free and fun… big time.

The info about the meetup is here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/pgeonlocation/discuss/72157622138292290/
Time 8.30pm (as its increasingly dim around then)
Fri 04 Sep

Location here: Edinburgh – King Stables Rd, car park.

I’ll be there.

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What’s new

I posted some new link in the last few days. Most of them are flickr find – like Loomax, whos style is absolute captivating (see post here).
I’m away to Hungary, Budpapest and I pop up a photo about my bare minimum gear I bring with me (see post here). I’m looking to visit Holloko, a small Hungarian vilage, where’s the time stoped about two houndred years ago. I hope I can look around and establish a body of work what’s help me to go back there and explore the lifestyle of a traditional “paloc” community. I find a picture from a fiend – a great Hungarian photographer, I posted it earlier (see post here).

I recently come across with Tierney Gearon’s stuning body of work. Please don’t miss to wisit the website: http://www.tierneygearon.com


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This is also real.

This is also real.

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Walking into the Sunrise

Walking into the Sunrise

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what’s in your bag

what’s in your bag

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My travel pack. It’s around 8kg. The shoulder strip from my Magnum bag.
My backup camera is a D40 owned by the misus with a kit 18-50 lens. Chargers traveling in the sutecase along with 8 rechargable batteries and a monopod.
I’m going to Hungary, Budapest where’s 2 film camera waiting for me. A twinlens, square medium format and a 6×7 medium format. I buy the film over there cause it’s cheap and the developing is unexpensive and fast. My dad posible land me a tripod anywhays and I might can get a hold on a field bag to showe my stuff in it if I going out.
The big plane is.
Use the twinlense with color film (kodak portra) for family portraits and casual portraits.
Use the 6×7 for black and white (Ilford Xp2) for landscape and documentary (I’m going to visit Holloko and other places in the country)
Use the D3 for family group photo with the strobe and do some portraits while I’m on the country side. Also use as a backup and lightmeter.
At august 20. National celebration at Budapest to capture the military air parade and the promotions of the military officers. I hope I can get a few shots of politicans (last year when the Hungarian leftist MSZP on power… they gona get beaten next year 100%) and I’m looking forward to shoot the Red Bull Air Race.

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The Power of Three

The Power of Three

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