Visual Workbook for Photographers


about myself

Born in Hungary , I am an amateur photographer living in Edinburgh since 2005. The migration marked and changed me. I opened up to a different culture and new people. I find it interesting to be accepted somewhere I don’t belong to and to belong somewhere I wasn’t accepted at the beginning. Working hard and convincing others with heart and soul is the key to settle.

I consider myself as an experienced street photographer, a real candid hunter. I keep my eyes open and the lens cover off all the time. I have been comitted to art since I have been walking.

I have learned information technology in which I gained a diploma in 2002. I have been working as an assistant of a photographer from 2002 and 2004. Since I have been living in Edinburgh I am part of a great team in retail.

In my portfolio I try to show a variety of my knowledge and fields of interest, my understanding of technics along with my style and soul. All pictures were taken and processed by myself, without any help. During the process I have been using a range of my own equipment such as my Nikon D40 and D300 cameras, different lenses and filters. Three of the pictures shown on this website were taken by an analog 35mm film camera. The film was commercially processed, scanned from negative by Jessops Ltd.

To see the portfolio pictures – please choose a topic in the left column or simply click on their link in the right frame to see them one by one.

Blog: zoomface.wordpress.com/
Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vargacsalad/



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